Website Hosting – Basic Features Every Company Should Provide

As we have said before, there are some basic website hosting features that every company should provide for their customers. Sure, there are promises that are written on their website but, often times, there is a question or two we just “didn’t know to ask.” Sure changing over to a new website hosting company is doable but, the thought of something going wrong during the daily buying rush is, well, frightening. So, let’s get this host buying done right the first time.

Before you embark on purchasing a hosting plan, use the following checklist to identify if your basic business or personal hosting needs are being met.

System Support and Uptime

24/7 in country system support and uptime. If a company has 24/7 system support and near 99% guaranteed uptime, most likely, they can handle any catastrophic emergency. Minimizing the email and website downtime is critical for any business so take this element seriously. A great example would be a local power outage. What backup power contingencies are in place when there is local power loss? If this information is not displayed on their website, ask. 

Bandwidth and Disk Space

Computer disk space describes the amount of storage assigned to each account of a business. Each plan purchased by the consumer guarantees a certain amount of storage. A great example would be a storage locker. When you rent a storage locker, you are guaranteed say, and 8′ x 10′ feet storage area. Once you have filled that storage room up, you will have to pay to have more storage. The same concept can be used with computers. Bandwidth refers to the amount of customer traffic that can be reliably allowed to your site. Often times, if the bandwidth is too low, the systems start reacting very sluggish – which can be a problem.

FTP and Website Creation Option

Since you will be developing a website that may be located locally on your computer, you will need to have a way to transfer files to and from the host server that you purchasing. Hence, an FTP (file transfer protocol) is necessary to move files to and from your computer to their servers.

Also, if you are not sure what website development software you are using, look for a hosting company that has a website development tool where you can drag and drop what you need onto a template and put in your own text. If you are using a system like WordPress, be sure the hosting company has a control panel sometimes called a cpanel that contains a script so you can easily download the software onto their servers.


Where is your budget at these days? There are some companies that provide a free web hosting account and some that charge an arm and a leg. If you have serious business needs, lean yourself towards a company that has a plan less then $6.00 a month. If you are developing a family facts site for Uncle Rogers anti flea bite medication, free is o.k. For commerce, I would stick with the paid sites.