Top Rated Hosting Providers

If you ask ten different website owners who are the top rated hosting providers today, you are going to get ten different answers. Since the advent of “Mom and Pop” website development, the technical needs of a website owner varies from one end of the spectrum to the other.

You don’t have to have a huge budget to have quality website hosting – that is generally not the problem for most business owners or development firms. I have found that most people who own a website or are responsible for the production of an enterprise website, want to have a website hosting plan that is economical but, also a site that is easy to manage, has an uptime of nearly 100% and system that is understand from the get-go.

It is pointless to have a website hosting plan that requires three days of tutorials just to figure out how to use the system. Time is important so a$2.99 a month deal may not be so compelling when all the cost factors are carefully examined. Personally, I use Hostmonster to host my sites because the point and click control panel and the time it takes for me to accomplish tasks are easier. I have never experienced site downtime and their customer service and response time are top notch. Another company that is about equal in my recommendations is Hostgator.

Both Hostmonster and Hostgator truly serves those who want to have a personal website hosted or have multiple sites (midrange marketer) needs. If you have over fifty sites, you may want to consider purchasing a dedicated server plan from one of these companies.

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