Steps For Choosing A Unique Domain Name

Selecting a domain name is unquestionably one of the most important yet difficult decisions to make when developing a “brand” for your website and business. Your web site is the “calling card” for others who will visit the site so, the domain name should reflect what you want people to initially know or search for on a search engine. However, before we go forward, some rules may not be necessary if you developing a personal use site but, by and large, stick to the following buying rules.’

Step 1. If possible, purchase a “.com” – The most widely recognized domain extension is “.com”. By purchasing a “.com” you will give your business credibility but most importantly potential customers will remember your business as a “.com” so, if possible purchase this extension. If the .com domain extension is not available, select a “.net” or a “.org.” If your plans are to develop a site as a place to display “Aunt Glovinia’s ” egg salad recipes, purchase the cheapest domain you can select, usually a .info. The aim of personal websites is to display information to a very select group of people (like your family) so the domain name is not as important.

Step 2. A domain name with the exact spelling will help you get the right kind of traffic for the long run.

Step 3. Select a domain with a short name. People are more likely to remember it

Step 4. If at all possible, do not use hyphens or numbers. In most situations, people cannot remember them.

Step 5. Use a domain name that has keywords that best identify your business or brand.

Step 6. Ask your friends what they think of the domain name.

Step 7. Get started! If somewhere down the road the domain name is not what you want, purchase another one and redirect the link to the site. No harm done!

Step 8. Purchase a domain website hosting company (like hostmonster) that will serve your needs and get the domain registered with a blank template. Remember, the quicker you get the domain name online, the quicker you will have trust with the search engines.