On The Market For A Website Hosting Provider? Questions To Ask – Now!

Domain Website Hosting Questions

Domain Website Hosting Questions

Domain website hosting options are so abundant as evidenced by the sheer number of companies advertising on the internet. The confusion starts when you don’t understand what you need for your particular project or situation. However, if you have the right questions to ask, your job is a lot easier.

Before you start asking questions, be sure you understand what type of site you will ultimately need. This understanding will help dictate the type of hosting service and plan you will need.  If you need to put up a e-commerce site instead of a blogging site, the hosting company will need to be able to handle payment transactions. If you are putting up a WordPress Blog, , is there a script on a c-Panel that provides smooth downloads of the software and themes? Keep the end goal in mind. So let’s start the check list with a little homework you can do first so you can make a more informed decision.

Print out this page and use it as a checklist for your inquiries.

The Website Hosting Company Checklist

1. What Kind Of Site Do I Need For My Project?

  • What type of products or services are going to be sold from the site?
  • How many e-mail accounts will be needed?
  • Is there a piece of software I must have on the site to run a business?
  • What type of  utilities are necessary to integrate into the site

2. What is the customer support philosophy of the hosting company?

  • Is customer support available 24/7?
  • Are the customer representatives in-country?
  • Are the representatives the first line of support who can answer basic questions?
  • Does the company offer online chat, email and live 24-7 support? (note: test out the company you are considering. Send them an email and see what their response is. “Spot check” all lines of communication they advertise. Doing this will speak volumes about their customer service.

3.  What additional features does the domain website hosting plan provide?

Besides the disk space you will need to store your files, additional features are needed to run  your sites smoothly. These features are in no particular order but, should be available.

  • Control Panel (cPanel)
  • Free Web Site Builder
  • Scripting facilities
  • Email facilities
  • Databases
  • Strong protection software

In most cases, the more complex the plan, the more features are enabled.

4. If you have to upgrade down the road, what are the costs?

5. Is there a money back guarantee after a certain number of days?

Most of the reliable companies will return your payments if you do not receive the satisfaction you need. Again, be careful. If this happens and you used a domain purchased from the company, you may not be able to get that domain transferred somewhere else until the one-year commitment period is over. So beware of this!

In Conclusion

Your search for an internet company should not take very long…just drop the list down to 3 or 4 companies and then start comparing the fine print on these companies. Based on the criteria set forth above, pepper the companies with questions via email and chat. The company that responds quickly and courteously should get the most points.You are on your way to finding the best domain website hosting company around.

Good Luck!