Guidelines For Choosing Business Website Hosting

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Choosing a business website hosting company can mean the difference between success or failure for any size enterprise. A company that is dependent on website sales profits means that hosting problems can hurt the bottom line considerably. Taking the time to chose a solid web hosting company with world class help desks is critical. Consider the following carefully when choosing a business to host your corporate website.


Most internet users only spend between 4 – 45 seconds on a website that is properly functioning. There are definite ways to encourage users to stay on a website longer. Site instability has to be one of the top three reasons surfers don’t stay on a site. If a website takes several seconds to load or the site is down, needless to say, a potential customer will not take your site seriously enough to continue and potentially come back. Most enterprise hosting companies have an uptime of 99%. If the up-time is lower then that keep looking elsewhere. There are many inexpensive hosting companies that do a great job but pay a few extra dollars a month for one that has a stellar reputation. Even better, check with other companies who are in the same industry and find out what hosting companies they use.


Client security is also a critical hallmark need for domain website hosting. An insecure website is a disaster waiting to happen both for the hosting company and the website owner. Being able to protect customer information and data is what helps to build a reputable company business. When searching for a website hosting company, find one that offers encrypted payment gateways and secure servers. The information must be spelled out in the corporate sales page and customer agreement.

Easy To Use Control Panel

The majority of legitimate web hosting companies will have a control panel environment set-up for their hosting customers that are relatively easy to use. A well designed control panel will allow the site administrator and owner control the site with a basic point and click button icon environment called “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get). Therefore, people with little or no programming software experience can run their site with ease.