Free Website Hosting Service – Should You Use?

Free Website Hosting

Free Website Hosting - Is It For You?

Free website hosting is a great place to start your website hosting if you have no budget to begin your project. There re numerous domain website hosting providers on the market (as you can see in your search engine query) and most of them offer similar plans and features.  However, you may want to look closely at what each company provides and what restrictions they have. Not every “free” web hosting company is a solution to the empty pockets problem. Let’s look at some of the common elements of free providers. Don’t rule out any of the companies – you just have to be more diligent on choosing one that meets your long-term needs and goals.

1. You can’t monetize your site

Many of the free web hosting companies do not allow you to monetize your site with likes of “Adsense” or “Chitika” advertising. Hosting companies that offer free hosting, often times monetize the site for their company so they can get a profit for hosting a site.  Therefore, if you are looking for some Adsense payouts, consider using a blogging service like that allows you to use advertising on your site.

2. You can’t use your own domain name

Some companies require that you use their own domain ad the primary root for your site and use your own title as the sub-domain. Either way, you cannot have much domain control once you decide to go this route. It is much more preferable if you use a company that provides free hosting if you purchase your domain from them. Often times, these domains many only be slightly more expensive then if you had gotten them from another source like but in the long run, you will have more control of the domain and you can find the free web hosting to boot. Just do a bit of research to find such deals.